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Mandingo Teen Domination

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Mandingo Teen Domination


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時間:   100
リリース:   06/2009
メーカー名:   West Coast Productions  Mandingo 
シリーズ:   Mandingo Teen Domination 
監督:   Mandingo 
キーワード:   Hey Fans You Asked 4 Sweet Little Teens And I Delivered! These Pussies Are So Tight & Wet! Enjoy! These girls maybe smiling now, but wait til' they get a load of Mandingo!
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評論家: Timothy Snarr 日付: 8/15/2009
ソース: Aebn

Late night television is full of infomercials that tout products which promise to enlarge, lengthen and thicken a man’s penis. They suggest that stubby cocks are bad and that if you have one you will forever be snubbed by women. Products like these are the perfect way to generate sales because there is no justifiable way for a typical man to quantify the scare tactic these companies use. They know that most people have no idea how long a typical penis is. They know that most guys will have no way of comparing their erect johnsons to any other guy, nor would they want to. They also know that most guys watch porn, which does offer a socially acceptable visual comparison. The thinking goes that if the only other penises a guy sees are huge, he will assume that his normal one is inferior; he will think that everybody must be hung like a porn star. Fear sets in, the phone is dialed and voila! Millions of dollars start rolling in for said product. Fellas, don’t fall for this.

The truth is most women like cocks that fit nicely where they are designed to go and even a few other areas too. Which is why, if you’re of the opinion that average is sufficient, you might feel a little sorry for Mandingo. Okay, maybe not. The guy is hung like a barber pole. He gets paid to fuck. And in “Mandingo Teen Domination,” he gets to slide that black torpedo of his into petite little teens that crave the meatier, interracial side of life.

But if you were to feel sorry for him, you might start with the fact that in this film only about 2/3 of his poker gets any action. The bottom part of his gargantuan shaft gets the shaft when it comes to fucking these tiny tarts and their low occupancy slits. Blonde cutie Jada Stevens finds this out rather quickly, though she does find some time to slip out of her silky bra and panties and to frig her clit and rubber band pussy into a lather. At first, she is silent when the Dingster releases his black monster from its cotton blend brig. She almost seems baffled by the sight of something so unnatural. Clamping down on the side of his erect prick with her teeth like she were testing the authenticity of a $100 bill, she is satisfied that it is real. She slides the head into her mouth like it were one of those giant, novelty Hershey’s Kisses you get in your stocking at Christmas time. She glides her mouth down the underside of his dick and focuses on his balls for a spell, letting the weighty piece of wood smack her in the head as she does so. Once he begins fucking her doggie style, the inner walls of her vag get turned out like the sleeve of a sport coat. He does her on the side, in RCG and CG too, creating enough friction to drop his dollop onto her face and tits.

If you want to express more empathy, you might consider the fact that there are only so many parking spaces in which a stretch limo will fit. Anal sex is pretty much out of the question for Mandingo. Any oral he gets requires a heaping portion of ChapStick or Carmex to prevent major tears to the corners of his lovers’ mouths. Brunette Natasha does get the big black beast into her mouth, but only after some serious deliberation. Rail thin, small titted Chloe Parker has a devil of a time as well fitting his pelvic trunk into her pie taster. The spit marks on his dipstick simply can’t reach much past the head. Faye Runaway concentrates on the juicy berries dangling from his tree trunk rather than tempt fate and a trip to the oral surgeon’s office.

The only one of the lot who really seems not the least bit intimidated is Sierra Sanchez. She almost looks happy at the prospect of multiple skin grafts. She floats her tongue over his pussy paddle in a haphazard flight pattern like a drunken moth. He tosses her legs like a salad over her head and penetrates her rather easily, without the typical film stoppage for lube re-application. It’s a pretty nice shot. He then takes her from behind and pounds her faster than a broken British teller machine. She rides 2/3 of his Longshanks hard and fast and does it all with a smile. She seems to like her innards being lanced by a sharpened punji cock.

While all of the scenes follow roughly the same fucking blueprint, the scene with Chloe does end rather strangely. It’s hard to know exactly how much time elapses between partners when filming, but if the absence of any visible cum in that shot is any indication, West Coast Productions must have done all the scenes in a half day, giving the Dingster’s ding-a-ling little time to replenish lost fluids. Check it out for yourself and see if you can locate anything but pocket lint in this money shot. It may be the first faked male orgasm in adult filmdom. It appears Mandingo’s schedule is so rigorous and so many freaky chicks want to fuck the guy that he doesn’t even have time to recuperate fully.

It’s yet another reason to feel bad for Mandingo. Okay, maybe not.

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